Harvest of Compound Patents for BeBetter Med in 2017-2018
   With the rise of new innovative drugs in China, patents of innovative technology with independent property rights become the key indicator of innovation, and form the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies for future development. Statistics from Drug Intelligence Network on pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in China show that, in terms of core patents, which usually mean product (compound) patents, more than 1950 patents of small molecules and biopharmaceutical products were published in 2007-2017, with 194 patents alone in 2016; and about 50% of them were granted patents after examination based on novelty and creativity.
   BeBetter Med always insists on independent research and innovation. Within a few years since the establishment of the company, it has achieved excellent results in applying for and obtaining authorized compound patents, which forms a fortress on intellectual property rights protection for the company's innovative drugs. In the past two years, BeBetter Med has been granted 5 compound patents by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (Authorization Announcement No. CN105130986B, CN105153119B, CN105622638B, CN106117185B, CN107383024B), and has published 5 PCT international patents (WO 2017036263, WO 2017041535, WO 2017054484, WO 2017132928, WO 2018045966), of which 3 have entered 40-50 countries including the United States. In addition, Dongguan Zhenxing BeBetter Med, a joint venture of BeBetter Med, has been granted 3 compound patents  by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (Authorization Announcement No. CN105753863B, CN106588937B, CN107501279B), and has published 3 PCT international patents (WO 2017041536, WO 2018054304, WO 2018130213).
   In the year just ended, while obtaining great protection on intellectual property rights, BeBetter Med also made significant progress on its new drug development programs. The new drug program BEBT-908 for lymphoma is close to completion on Phase I clinical trial; the new drug program BEBT-209 for breast cancer has submitted IND application, the new drug program BEBT-109 for lung cancer is undergoing IND enabling studies and is scheduled to apply for IND in March 2019; and the new drug program BEBT-260 for multiple solid tumors has finished most of the IND enabling studies. Pre-clinical research and development projects, including the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and the 4th generation of EGFR inhibitors, are moving forward smoothly. An innovative new drug pipeline with global independent property rights and international competitiveness has preliminarily formed, which should lay a solid foundation for BeBetter Med to establish its foothold in China and to explore the international market.